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Full Moon Circle

11am-1pm & 2pm-5pm on dates below

8th January

5th February

5th March


Join Sophie, an NLP Coach, Yoga Teacher, Breath Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Moon facilitator in a magical event to let go and heal with the Full Moon at Chorlton Health Hub.

Beginners welcome!

The Full Moon circle will consist of:

-Cacao Ceremony with Delicious Cacao Chai to awaken the senses

-Sharing Circle


-Group Reiki

-Astrological insight specific to your sun/rising sign

-Crystal meditation, breathwork and sound healing

-Crystal to take home with you (each month will be a different crystal and you will learn the benefits of that crystal during the session).

Limited to 10 spaces so book in!


Face Yoga Workshop

15th January10.30am- 11.30pm

12th February 10.30am- 11.30am


Join Faye for a bit of ‘you’ time, learning how to exercise and massage the face for your wellbeing
and skin health.
We will focus on face exercise (including some neck and shoulder exercises), face massage, acupressure
and relaxation.
What's included:
● Face Yoga Class (+face oil for the session, or please bring your own preferred oil/moisturiser).
● Access to a 6 day Face Yoga plan + bonus Face Massage video.
● Exclusive offers for future bookings.
Take this time for yourself to not only experience the visual benefits of Face Yoga but to also care for your
body and mind at this busy time of year.

Iyengar Yoga Workshop

1.00pm - 2.30pm

21st January


Restorative Workshop for all at Chorlton Health Hub

With Iyengar Yoga Teacher Lauren May

Join Lauren for 90 minutes of rest. A sequence of restoative poses to support your body and quieten your mind. Take some time out at this busy time of year to slow down and nourish yourself.

Yoga meditation
gong picture.jpg

Gong Therapy

6.30pm - 7.30pm

21st January

18th February

18th March


A sound mediation through the power of gongs.

Amanda has been on her healing journey for15 years and gong therapy has been a big part of your life. She loves how the power of gongs have helped so many others with a variety of life's challenges.

Gongs benefits include:
Reduce stress
Aids sleep
Releases emotional blockages
Improves overall wellbeing
Gives a sense of relaxation
Deep meditation
Along with many more

If you want more information of to book contact Amanda

Womb Wisdom Circle

10.30am - 12.30pm

29th January

Join Lori, a radical birth keeper, postnatal doula, circle facilitator, and menstruality mentor in a powerful women’s circle where you are invited to celebrate your female body, explore your innate capacity to heal through menstruality, and strengthen your connection to sisterhood and yourself. 


Womb Wisdom Circles include:

    • Meditation

    • Menstruality education

    • Sharing circle

    • Sisterhood & community


Circles are intimate gatherings limited to 10 spaces, ensuring that everyone can take up the space they deserve! 

womb wisdom circle.png

Winter Retreat Workshop

3.00pm - 5.00pm

17th December

Join Rachael for an afternoon of well deserved calm.


Give yourself the gift of calm before Christmas in this Winter Retreat Workshop - Designed to leave you relaxed and restored.

We'll be using:

Gentle somatic and yoga based movement

Guided embodied writing

Breath and meditation practices

Guided relaxation (Yoga Nigra)

This is suitable for all levels of practice including beginners


Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony

10.30am - 2.30pm

18th December


We will celebrate the preciousness of life and be part of the collective change we truly want to see for ourselves, our loved ones, our human family and our planet. In awakening the heart, we align with our truth, with love and come home to source, to connection to infinite possibilities embodying deep peace and nourishment

The Ceremony includes:

High Grade Ceremonial Cacao

Optional Sananga eye drops to sooth the nervous system and bring clarity to inner visioning

Altar for your dreams and Intentions

Sharing Circle and Intention Setting

Stress release practices

Chakra Aligning & Mantra

Shamanic Drum & Sound Journey with Deep Rest.

Movement and Dance.

Sweet treat & Epsom salt pack to take home with you

Breathwork Class

Dates are regular but

Please Click link below for dates.

Clare is a qualified Transformational life and breathwork coach. Transformational is the only word to describe breathwork. But what is it? Breathwork is a form of active meditation. What she loves about breathwork is it brings the science and the spiritual together - so if you think its abit 'woo woo', get ready for the science explanation.


Benefits of breathwork

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Increase energy

  • Boots Immune Systems

  • Increased Oxygen to the body, blood and organs

  • Reduces stress hormone cortisol in your body

  • Regulates your nervous system

and so much more..

Breathwork isn't just what happens in our sessions, its how you breath day to day, how you de-regulate yourself in stressful situations - and you have the power to do it all.

Give yourself the opportunity to FULLY relax.

Breathwork Session Chorlton and Manchester
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