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Gong Therapy

6.30pm - 7.30pm

18th May

15th June


A sound mediation through the power of gongs.

Amanda has been on her healing journey for15 years and gong therapy has been a big part of your life. She loves how the power of gongs have helped so many others with a variety of life's challenges.

Gongs benefits include:
Reduce stress
Aids sleep
Releases emotional blockages
Improves overall wellbeing
Gives a sense of relaxation
Deep meditation
Along with many more

If you want more information of to book contact Amanda

Yoga Supper Club

Sunday 12th May

4pm - 7pm


Manc Yogi Chloe and Hungamaa Indian Street food would love for you to join them for this special Sunday evening event, the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one to help you unwind and nourish your soul at the end of the week with releasing yoga, delicious food and wonderful company.

Come along with a friend or purchase a solo ticket to join in with this magical evening and connect with a like minded community. All welcome!

Join Chloe, aka Manc Yogi, for a beautiful, unwinding, mindful Sunday evening yoga flow class. For this nourishing, hour-long practice we will use movement and breath to ease the body and mind of any stresses and tension which have built up from the week. Expect some moments of stillness and longer held poses, along with flowy, tension releasing movements, helping us to clear our minds and end our weekend feeling refreshed, peaceful and at ease. No previous experience required.

Following our yoga practice, we will hop a few doors down where the wonderful Hungamaa will provide us with a delicious, nutritious meal, all dishes served to share. Expect lovely company and soul warming chats in this cosy environment.


1 ticket includes:

1 hour yoga class @ Chorlton Health Hub, all equipment provided.

Evening meal at Hungamaa Restaurant- delicious selection of vegetarian Indian food (see menu on booking link below, all dishes served to share)

Your choice of Mango Lassi or Masala Chai

Yoga Super Club Chorlton

TRE Workshop

Sunday 29th June

1pm - 3pm


Are you dealing with excessive stress?

Is your body showing signs of stress? Aches, pains, poor immune system, slow digestion?

Do you want to learn a simple way to release that stored stress?

By practicing the TRE exercises we can tap into our body’s natural shaking mechanism which helps to release stuck tension and trauma in the body. Then you have a method to release stress that you can use for the rest of your life.

What is TRE?
TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Release exercises.
TRE is a series of simple exercises that help you to tap into your body’s natural shaking mechanism.
TRE will help you to regulate your nervous system and bring you out of the fight/flight response and into a calm, grounded and socially engaged state of being.

TRE is very simple to learn and in this workshop we will learn:
- Some simple grounding techniques,
- How to do the exercises,
- How to start and stop the shaking,
- How to self regulate to stop.
TRE can help you to deal with:

• Workplace stress.
• Stuck tension in the body
• Old trauma that is buried deep in the body
• Grief and loss
• Stress that exacerbates menopause symptoms
• Anxiety and low mood
• It can also raise your consciousness
• And is incredibly healing

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