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Below there is a list of the small businesses that work out of The Hub. 

Fitness Pilates classes in Chorlton, Chorlton Pilates classes, Hot Pilates Chorlton and Manchester. Hot Pilates Chorlton

Habitual Fitness

Kirsty, owner of Habitual Fitness and The Chorlton health Hub offers Fitness Pilates classes which works your full body, using the principles of Pilates but adapting them to give you a full body workout. All levels are welcome but be prepared to work hard, you leave feeling worked but also stretched and relaxed. Kirsty teaches her weekly classes online and in-studio.




Fitness Pilates




Hot Pilates

matwork Pilates in Chorlton, Classical Pilates Chorlton, Reformer Pilates Chorlton, Pilates Chorlton, Pilates for back pain

Energy Flow Fitness

Sarah, owner of Energy Flow Fitness offers classical Matwork Pilates classes, her classes are based on a personal training philosophy, she takes her time to understand her clients personal needs and any limitations her clients may have. Sarah offers a variety of options within each session to accommodate each individual needs, catering for those with back pain and limited mobility 



9.35- 10.35

Pilates All Levels

Gabby - Inferno_edited.jpg

Inferno Hot Pilates with Gabby

It’ll be hot, it’ll be sweaty! Expect a fast paced, high energy, HIIT style class with great music to get you jamming and energized. Your heart will be pumping from low impact movements with high repetitions. Pilates principles of control and mind-muscle connection are incorporated to maximize your results, while increasing endurance, toning muscles, and
burning calories.
This full body workout will challenge you and will push you to your limits, but you will come out feeling strong, healthy, and rejuvenated.

Your heated bliss awaits you, the workout is set, get ready to move, zone in, and give it your all!



Inferno Hot Pilates

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