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A bit more about The Hub

Kirsty opened the The Hub in 2012 but not as we know it now, the space was used for Personal Training, Spinning, HIIT and Box Fit classes, sports massage and Pilates classes. While Kirsty continues to do her massage therapy and Pilates classes under the name Habitual Fitness, the feel of the space has completely changed and of course the name now being the Chorlton Health Hub. Kirsty evolved with what she feels was important and gave the studio a new lease of life with more holistic services, catering for not just our physical needs but now having a big focus on our mental health. Kirsty also wanted to create a safe working environment for other people in the health and wellbeing industry and rents the studio and therapy rooms out to like minded people, providing more varied services while giving small businesses a place to feel apart of something bigger.



Owner of The Hub, Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist

Kirsty does the day to day running of The Hub, ensuring everyone who works in the space is happy alongside everyone who comes in to use our services. She trades as Habitual Fitness for her services which take place in the studio and massage room, this includes weekly Fitness Pilates and hot Pilates classes and massage therapy. 




Katie who occupies the Physio room is the owner of KNS Physiotherapy. Her and her husband, Nick, provide services to people with a wide range of health concerns. Offering assessments and treatments if you are in pain, want advice or hands on treatments. Katie is also passionate about women's health and specialises in pelvic floor, postnatal and the menopause. Katie and Nick are both avid runners and work alongside local running groups to support injuries and training.




Chloe is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist offering1:1 sessions with adults. Chloe occupies the counselling room where she rents the room to other counsellors, sharing her same mission to help people with their mental health. Chloe is passionate about working with people to help them become fulfilled and healthy. She provides a highly confidential space to talk through whatever issues feel are impacting life.

Our Mission

We want our clients to enjoy improving their health rather than making it a chore.

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