Below there is a list of the small businesses that work out of The Hub. 

Strength and conditioning class for runners

Katie founder of KNS Physiotherapy takes these strength and conditioning class for a full body workout for runners or others. Giving runners the strength they need to prevent injury while training or to keep their fitness up in between events.

£5 drop in or £20 for 5 class pass. Spaces are limited so contact to book on.


6.30 - 7.15

Full body workout for runners


6.30 - 7.15

Full body workout for runners


Feldenkrais is a gentle, non-invasive movement practice solving physical riddles helping to move better with more ease in order to become aware of habitual movement. It is a mat class following instructions to improve posture, vision imagination and personal awareness. Because of its gentle, experiential approach to movement, Feldenkrais can help you in many ways: injury prevention; as a warm up for athletes or for actors, musicians, dancers before performance; post operative; sense of well-being, mood; chronic pain; improve posture; improve the quality of everyday life.





Mindfulness is a practical way of changing your life for the better simply by paying attention to what’s happening now. Bridget offers a range of different practices and introduce the ideas behind them in a straightforward and unstuffy way. As well as being gently guided through a variety of meditations, you’ll also build up a toolkit of skills to help you bring a practical sense of mindfulness into your life.

Develop techniques to become more resilient, calmer, happier and inspired.


(6 week course Jan 29th 2020)


(7th Dec and 11th Jan)




Mindfelness Workshop

Posture Alignment using the Mitzvah Technique

This class will focus on learning what 'good' posture means.What it looks like, feels like.

Learn exercises to find, nurture and strengthen your fluid body around a balancing well aligned bony structure.

A health posture or body alignment can reduce tension and stress, help deal with on going pain (headaches, jaw pain and back ache), recover and re-train after surgery and accidents. And helps with balance and flexibility.

We will use props in the class including chairs, and the walls as we explore our movement.



Posture Alignment

Sound Meditation.. An ancient Practice.. Our future medicine..

We will use props in the class including chairs, and the walls as we explore our movement.

Gemma Gough is an intuitive energy healer, EFT practitioner. Reiki/quantum touch, Sound therapist and spiritual counselling.

Sound meditation is a powerful hook into the transformative power of meditation. This practice has also been known as "Sound Healing" or "Sound Baths". 

The beautiful sounds brings balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy and is a powerful way to cultivate a sense of well being, using music and various instruments to take you into a meditational state and trigger healing.

If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. Every cell listens and responds accordingly.

(see events page for Date or contact for more info)

Mother Hen Creative.. Hatching creative ideas for kids

Alice's approach treats every child as an individual and stimulates their creative potential through music, story telling, puppetry and play. Her aim is to develop confidence, independence, social skills and self-expression in every individual and group we work with. Mother Hen Creative whole-heartedly believe in the power of laughter and nonsense! 


(Booked in terms)


Creative play

doTerra Essential Oils Class

Learn how you can use essential oils as a very safe and effective natural alternative for your physical and emotional health.

During this class we will go over; what are essential oils, how pure essential oils can give you a natural alternative to healthcare in your home, how you can use essential oils aromatically, topically and internally and then what you can use the oils for. You will have the opportunity to experience these oils first hand and even try some raw chocolates flavoured with the oils!

You will leave with a wealth of information, feel nurtured, inspired and empowered!

(Selected dates, see events page or contact for more info)

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