Below there is a list of the small businesses that work out of The Hub. 

Strength and conditioning class for runners

Katie founder of KNS Physiotherapy takes these strength and conditioning class for a full body workout for runners or others. Giving runners the strength they need to prevent injury while training or to keep their fitness up in between events.

£5 drop in or £20 for 5 class pass. Spaces are limited so contact to book on.

Mon (online)

6.30 - 7.15

Full body workout for runners

Thurs (online)

6.30 - 7.15

Full body workout for runners


Feldenkrais is a gentle, non-invasive movement practice solving physical riddles helping to move better with more ease in order to become aware of habitual movement. It is a mat class following instructions to improve posture, vision imagination and personal awareness. Because of its gentle, experiential approach to movement, Feldenkrais can help you in many ways: injury prevention; as a warm up for athletes or for actors, musicians, dancers before performance; post operative; sense of well-being, mood; chronic pain; improve posture; improve the quality of everyday life.


No class on at the moment

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