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Massage in Chorlton, Counselling in Chorlton, Physio in Chorlton, Pilates in Chorlton
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What we have to offer you...
The Chorlton Health Hub (The Hub) offers a range of services to cater for all aspects of your health.
Keep fit and strong with our Yoga and Pilates classes in The Studio, sort those aches and pains out with our physiotherapy and massage treatments and move through difficult barriers to understand yourself better with our 1:1 counselling sessions and other talking therapies and coaching services. 
On top of our usual services, The Hub frequently hosts events and workshops to give you a better insight into your overall health and wellbeing or just give you a fun experience.


Who we are...
We are individual small businesses using one space, creating a network of health and fitness professionals under one roof. We support and supplement each other's businesses where possible which allows our clients to have access to other trusted services. 

Read a bit more about how The Hub started  

Meet the Team

Meet the owner of the Chorlton Health Hub alongside the rest of what we call The Hub Team. Although Kirsty deals with the day to day running of The Hub, Katie and Chloe support Kirsty and have been here from the start of the Chorlton Health Hubs journey.  

The best way we can keep safe and healthy is by working together.
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